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Words that End With Suffix ANT

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Words with 17 letters that end in 'ant'


Words with 15 letters that end in 'ant'

antitranspirant chemoattractant counterclaimant counterirritant overextravagant

Words with 14 letters that end in 'ant'

anticonvulsant antidepressant antiperspirant contraindicant cryoprotectant homotransplant interpenetrant monopropellant nonparticipant nonrecombinant nonsignificant pseudopregnant radioresistant superimportant thermotolerant tintinnabulant xenotransplant

Words with 13 letters that end in 'ant'

anticoagulant antidesiccant decontaminant equiponderant extinguishant hypervigilant imperseverant insignificant interosculant intransigeant introgressant nonintoxicant overexuberant sublieutenant superabundant superdominant supermilitant ultramilitant uncomplaisant

Words with 12 letters that end in 'ant'

administrant bipropellant blackcurrant concelebrant conglutinant congratulant conterminant contranatant cosurfactant decongestant deflocculant dipropellant disaccordant disciplinant discriminant disinfectant disinfestant incapacitant inconversant interpellant misdemeanant misinformant noncombatant noncompliant nonimmigrant nonmalignant nonobservant nonredundant nonresistant overabundant overdominant precognisant precognizant premalignant preponderant recalcitrant rehabilitant representant semidominant somnambulant subalternant supererogant tergiversant transductant transmigrant ultradistant unconversant undiscordant unflamboyant

Words with 11 letters that end in 'ant'

agglutinant antioxidant antiozonant approximant appurtenant bondservant cicatrisant cicatrizant clairvoyant codefendant communicant complainant complaisant concomitant concubitant conflagrant contaminant contemplant corroborant determinant displeasant equidistant equilibrant expectorant extravagant gesticulant horripilant horrisonant incognisant incognizant incompliant inconsonant inexpectant inobservant intemperant interactant interrogant intrenchant maidservant manifestant matriculant multisonant noctivagant nonconstant nondominant nonirritant nonmilitant nonpregnant nonrelevant nonresonant nonruminant participant perseverant precipitant predominant prejudicant preoccupant proclaimant protuberant reciprocant recognisant recognizant recombinant refrigerant regurgitant remonstrant resuscitant reverberant scintillant sequestrant significant subdominant supernatant suppressant surveillant transhumant unbenignant unbrilliant uncompliant undertenant unexpectant unimportant unluxuriant unobservant unreluctant unrepentant unrepugnant unresistant

Words with 10 letters that end in 'ant'

abirritant accelerant accomptant accountant adulterant altisonant altitonant ameliorant anticipant asphyxiant attractant batteilant capitulant coadjutant codominant cohabitant colliquant commandant compearant complicant concordant confessant congregant conservant conspirant consultant contestant continuant conversant convulsant declaimant decolorant deforciant degreasant delustrant denaturant depressant descendant detoxicant discordant discrepant discussant disenchant dispersant disturbant edulcorant episcopant euphoriant exhilarant exorbitant extractant flagellant flamboyant flocculant forbearant foudroyant hierophant houseplant illuminant impregnant impuissant incogitant inconstant incrustant inexistant infinitant infragrant inhabitant insouciant installant interplant intolerant intoxicant intriguant invigorant irrelevant lieutenant malfeasant manservant marcantant ministrant multiplant nonchalant nondeviant nondormant nonmigrant pasquilant percussant perturbant plainchant polysemant practisant pretendant propellant protectant protestant pursuivant reclaimant redcurrant registrant resemblant respectant restaurant retreatant revisitant solicitant solivagant strepitant stridulant Stuyvesant subintrant submediant supergiant supplicant surfactant topgallant transplant triumphant unarrogant unconstant underplant unhesitant univariant unpleasant unpregnant vociferant

Words with 9 letters that end in 'ant'

absorbant acceptant accordant affirmant allegiant alleviant alternant annuitant anovulant appellant appendant applicant arrestant ascendant assailant assistant attendant attenuant attestant benignant bivariant brilliant cauterant celebrant chatoyant clinquant coagulant cognisant cognizant colourant combatant commorant compliant computant confidant conjugant consonant cormorant corposant corrodant coruscant covariant crepitant croissant culminant declarant declinant defendant defoliant deliriant demandant deodorant dependant desiccant digestant disputant dissonant eliminant eradicant examinant exceptant executant exfoliant expectant expellant exsiccant extendant exuberant fabricant fluctuant foremeant formicant fulgurant fulminant gallivant germinant gratulant humectant humiliant immigrant impeccant important incessant indignant inebriant inelegant infectant infestant informant injectant inmigrant inoculant insultant integrant intendant intrigant invariant irradiant itinerant jesserant leadplant libellant locoplant lubricant luxuriant malignant marxisant mendicant miscreant mossplant negociant negotiant nictitant nigricant nonextant nonmutant nonpliant nonvacant nurturant obscurant observant officiant oppugnant overplant palpitant penetrant perforant petillant pollutant postulant predicant predikant procreant provocant pustulant reductant redundant reentrant regardant reimplant reiterant reluctant remontant repellant repentant replicant repugnant resistant resultant retardant revertant segregant sterilant stimulant subtenant suppliant susurrant sycophant terebrant termagant thrillant tremblant tremolant tremulant trenchant trepidant turribant uncessant ungallant unisonant vacillant vicariant

Words with 8 letters that end in 'ant'

abdicant aberrant abradant absonant abundant accusant adjutant adjuvant aliquant alterant ambulant arrogant ashplant aspirant assonant avoidant bacchant blattant bouffant claimant colorant constant corybant