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Words that End With Suffix CY

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Words with 17 letters that end in 'cy'

counterconspiracy counterinsurgency

Words with 16 letters that end in 'cy'


Words with 15 letters that end in 'cy'

archiepiscopacy countertendency interdependency nonbelligerency pseudopregnancy superefficiency superincumbency superintendency

Words with 14 letters that end in 'cy'

circumambiency correspondency crystallomancy eigenfrequency electrovalency equiponderancy insignificancy multifrequency plumbisolvency plumbosolvency quinquevalency sublieutenancy

Words with 13 letters that end in 'cy'

adiathermancy circumjacency consenescency constringency convalescency dactyliomancy defervescency effervescency gyrofrequency incandescency inconsistency inconveniency indeterminacy insufficiency intermittency intransigency multicurrency petrocurrency postemergency preponderancy quadrivalency recalcitrancy recrudescency retromingency sanguinolency thalassocracy thalattocracy transcendency transmittancy

Words with 12 letters that end in 'cy'

alkalescency belligerency clairvoyancy codependency concomitancy concubitancy constituency coscinomancy cottonocracy despotocracy diathermancy dissentiency dollarocracy equipollency eurocurrency extravagancy gerontocracy gynaecocracy illegitimacy impermanency impertinency inadvertency inarticulacy incompetency incompliancy incontinency independency indifferency inefficiency inexpectancy inexpediency interjacency intermediacy intumescency kakistocracy lampadomancy multivalency noncandidacy nonemergency nonresidency omphalomancy ornithomancy pantisocracy pedantocracy plenipotency polypharmacy precipitancy predominancy preoccupancy protuberancy radiolucency resipiscency resplendency revivescency reviviscency scapulimancy scapulomancy significancy squattocracy subserviency supersecrecy tetravalency transcalency transiliency translucency transparency undertenancy unregeneracy

Words with 11 letters that end in 'cy'

accountancy ambivalency antisecrecy appropriacy aristocracy astringency attractancy bibliomancy botanomancy bureaucracy chieftaincy chrysocracy cleptocracy coadjacency coincidency complacency concernancy concipiency concurrency confederacy connascency conservancy consistency consultancy contingency conveniency convergency conversancy crithomancy delinquency demonocracy despondency determinacy diathermacy discordancy discrepancy equivalency ergatocracy erubescency excrescency exorbitancy flamboyancy flocculency fraudulency gastromancy gynecocracy heterocercy idempotency impenitency importunacy inappetency incogitancy incoherency inconstancy inexistency infrequency inhabitancy insentiency interagency irrelevancy kleptocracy lieutenancy liquescency meritocracy monovalency multiagency omnipotency oneiromancy onychomancy paramountcy parturiency percipiency persistency physiciancy physiocracy plantocracy polyvalency preliteracy prepollency proficiency prolificacy prosiliency ptochocracy quangocracy refringency respondency rhabdomancy snobbocracy stratocracy subliteracy sufficiency superagency technocracy tephromancy totipotency turgescency vicegerency

Words with 10 letters that end in 'cy'

abhorrency absorbancy absorbency abstinency acceptancy accordancy accumbency advertency antipiracy articulacy ascendancy ascendency assurgency athermancy attendancy axinomancy bankruptcy benignancy brilliancy capnomancy cartomancy cecutiency chaplaincy chatoyancy chiromancy cleromancy competency compliancy complicacy componency confidency congruency connivancy connivency consonancy conspiracy continency corpulency decumbency decurrency deficiency degeneracy dependancy dependency detergency differency disfluency dissonancy divergency doulocracy ebulliency effeminacy efficiency episcopacy excellency Excellency executancy expectancy expediency exuberancy flatulency graphicacy hagiocracy hierocracy hieromancy hydromancy illiteracy immaculacy immoderacy impeccancy impendency importancy inaccuracy inadequacy incessancy incipiency inclemency incumbency indelicacy indulgency inefficacy inelegancy innumeracy inordinacy insistency insolvency insurgency intendancy invariancy inveteracy irradiancy itinerancy legitimacy lithomancy luxuriancy magistracy malignancy mediocracy mendicancy millocracy miscreancy necromancy newsagency nigromancy nonfluency observancy ochlocracy oppugnancy paramouncy penetrancy permanency pertinency plutocracy ponderancy pornocracy postulancy precedency prepotency presidency prevalency prevenancy profligacy prominency quiescency recipiency recumbency recurrency redundancy refulgency regeneracy reluctancy remittency repellancy repellency repugnancy resiliency revolvency slavocracy snobocracy somnolency spodomancy stimulancy stringency subjacency subpotency subsidency subtenancy succulency sycophancy termagancy tervalency transiency trenchancy trivalency truculency turbulency univalency viscountcy

Words with 9 letters that end in 'cy'

aberrancy abundancy acescency adhocracy adjacency adjutancy adjuvancy aeromancy affluency aliteracy apparency appetency arrivancy arrogancy autocracy baronetcy belomancy biopiracy bivalency candidacy captaincy ceromancy coherency colonelcy constancy contumacy cotenancy covalency decadency democracy dilatancy diplomacy divalency dominancy dubitancy dulocracy emergency esuriency excitancy exultancy faineancy feculency flagrancy flippancy fragrancy frequency generalcy gynocracy gyromancy haruspicy hesitancy homocercy immanency immediacy imminency impotency impudency indecency indigency indolency inerrancy inherency innocency intestacy intricacy inviolacy irritancy itineracy jubilancy latitancy marshalcy militancy mischancy mobocracy monocracy nomocracy obstinacy occupancy oenomancy opponency oscitancy penitency pervicacy petulancy plangency poignancy pregnancy procuracy pruriency purulency pyromancy recreancy recusancy redolency relevancy remanency renitency reprobacy residency reticency sciomancy sentiency sergeancy serjeancy sibilancy squinancy stagnancy stridency subagency supremacy surgeoncy surrogacy temulency theocracy theomancy timocracy titubancy undulancy vehemency virulency wanchancy

Words with 8 letters that end in 'cy'

abeyancy accuracy adamancy adequacy