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Words that End With Suffix NDS

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Words with 14 letters that end in 'nds'

chateaubriands counterdemands miscomprehends misunderstands ultrawidebands

Words with 13 letters that end in 'nds'

battlegrounds countertrends farthinglands gangsterlands househusbands misapprehends multiplicands vacationlands

Words with 12 letters that end in 'nds'

bergschrunds chamberhands changerounds counterbonds countermands distribuends fantasylands femtoseconds husbandlands hyperextends interdepends interstrands microseconds milliseconds noncompounds overresponds pasturelands shootarounds sleuthhounds slumberlands superabounds superintends surtarbrands surturbrands telecommands undergrounds yoctoseconds zeptoseconds

Words with 11 letters that end in 'nds'

backgrounds bloodhounds borderlands bottomlands campgrounds chargehands comprehends condescends confirmands contrabands convertends corresponds cumberbunds cummerbunds decompounds discommends distillands fairgrounds fatherlands foregrounds forestlands girlfriends grandstands greasebands hinderlands hinterlands infrasounds kickarounds krugerrands kummerbunds magistrands masterminds meadowlands motherlands nanoseconds narrowbands Netherlands nightstands nursehounds outrebounds overabounds overexpands overextends paperbounds petropounds picoseconds plattelands playgrounds ploughlands screenlands showgrounds sleevehands subcommands subtrahends supersounds timberlands tripehounds turnarounds ultrasounds underspends understands wonderlands workarounds wraparounds wunderkinds

Words with 10 letters that end in 'nds'

ampersands amperzands analysands apprehends archfiends arcseconds bandstands bellybands benchlands blackbands blacklands boarhounds bookstands boyfriends broadbands brushlands buckhounds caskstands chowhounds cloudlands coastlands coatstands coonhounds crossbands crosswinds crownlands dachshunds deerhounds deprehends doctorands downtrends draghounds dreamlands dumbfounds duplicands engarlands fairylands firebrands forespends gavelkinds gazehounds gorehounds grasslands grayhounds greenhands greensands grewhounds greyhounds hallstands handstands hardbounds hardstands headstands heartlands heathlands hellhounds hoarhounds homestands horehounds horseponds howlrounds humankinds integrands interlends interwinds kickstands linkslands lotuslands mappemonds marchlands marshlands misintends movielands neverminds newshounds newsstands nondemands northlands overbounds overspends overstands pennylands pitchbends quicksands rangelands recommends redescends reprehends reprimands resuspends rickstands ringstands rockhounds roundhands runarounds scrublands seastrands sedgelands semirounds shippounds shirtbands shorthands shrublands softbounds southlands spacebands spellbinds stagehands staghounds stonehands superfunds superminds swamplands sweatbands tablelands trainbands transcends turnrounds underfunds underhands videolands waistbands washstands wastelands watchbands wheatlands whirlwinds withstands withywinds wolfhounds womankinds womenkinds wraprounds wristbands

Words with 9 letters that end in 'nds'

adherends backbands backbends backbonds backhands backlands bailbonds barehands basebands bedstands befriends bellbinds booklands browbands bushlands cabstands clubhands clublands coattends coextends compounds confounds cornlands croplands deckhands dividends dockhands docklands downlands dumfounds dunelands eastlands elkhounds eurobonds fahlbands Falklands farmhands farmlands filmlands fishponds flatlands folklands forefends forehands forelands forelends forewinds forspends foxhounds ganglands geepounds gourmands graduands hairbands hatstands headbands headlands headwinds highlands homelands honorands inkstands keeshonds kiloponds lacklands lakelands landwinds lispounds longhands mainlands metewands millhands millponds millrinds misbrands missounds misspends moorlands mosslands neckbands nosebands ordinands outbounds outspends outstands overfunds overhands overlands overlends overwinds parklands passbands peatlands pinelands platbands playlands plowlands portlands prescinds profounds propounds radicands rainbands reascends redemands reinfunds reoffends repetends rereminds resplends reverends runrounds sarabands scablands seahounds shedhands shetlands sidebands sloblands snowlands soaplands stewponds subtrends sunblinds surrounds tailwinds tamarinds thousands tidelands townlands unfriends vagabonds vallhunds vilipends wallsends washlands wavebands wildlands withwinds woodbinds woodlands woodwinds yardlands yardwands

Words with 8 letters that end in 'nds'

abscinds absconds armbands astounds badlands bartends boglands bookends brigands cofounds commands commends compands compends contends contunds cotlands cowbinds cowhands deodands descends desponds diamonds disbands dispends distends dromonds elflands ellwands embounds enrounds expounds exscinds faciends fenlands flyhands forfends forlends garlands girlonds godsends gollands gormands gowlands gumlands hatbands haybands headends hollands hopbinds husbands impounds inbounds lallands lawlands lispunds lowlands mankinds midlands minuends misbinds missends mistends miswends norlands operands outfinds outlands outwinds parpends perpends plafonds portends prebends prebinds prefunds prehends pretends probands propends protends provands provends reamends reblends rebounds rebrands redounds refounds regrinds rescinds resounds responds ribbands rimlands salbands stipends subtends summands sunlands suspends towmonds trolands turbands turbonds unblinds unrounds upstands uptrends warrands weasands weazands weekends wessands wetlands yearends