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Words that End With Suffix NISM

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Words with 28 letters that end in 'nism'


Words with 21 letters that end in 'nism'


Words with 20 letters that end in 'nism'


Words with 18 letters that end in 'nism'


Words with 17 letters that end in 'nism'

latitudinarianism predestinarianism premillenarianism reconstructionism uniformitarianism valetudinarianism

Words with 16 letters that end in 'nism'

antievolutionism antireductionism authoritarianism collaborationism communitarianism introspectionism necessitarianism

Words with 15 letters that end in 'nism'

annihilationism assimilationism bacchanalianism conservationism constructionism conversationism cosmopolitanism doctrinarianism episcopalianism equalitarianism futilitarianism hereditarianism humanitarianism hyperinsulinism insurrectionism interventionism majoritarianism metropolitanism nothingarianism preformationism presbyterianism Presbyterianism presentationism resurrectionism sublapsarianism totalitarianism ubiquitarianism

Words with 14 letters that end in 'nism'

abstractionism antiquarianism associationism breatharianism centenarianism dissolutionism egalitarianism flexitarianism heterochronism inspirationism interactionism libertarianism millenarianism necessarianism obstructionism predeterminism progressionism prohibitionism proletarianism restitutionism restorationism restrictionism servomechanism ultramodernism ultramontanism unsectarianism utilitarianism

Words with 13 letters that end in 'nism'

abstentionism aldosteronism annexationism anticommunism antinomianism autochthonism bipartisanism catechumenism connectionism contortionism dodecaphonism equestrianism exhibitionism expressionism feuilletonism fruitarianism generationism hyperurbanism impressionism indeterminism liberationism microorganism millennianism Mohammedanism pedestrianism perfectionism philhellenism polydaemonism postmodernism protectionism republicanism revolutionism sanitarianism separationism solifidianism suggestionism superorganism tautochronism tolerationism vegetarianism

Words with 12 letters that end in 'nism'

abolitionism antifeminism antihumanism asynchronism barbarianism causationism charlatanism coalitionism Confucianism cremationism deviationism diffusionism draconianism epicureanism evolutionism exclusionism expansionism gregarianism hobgoblinism immersionism inflationism intuitionism isolationism metachronism neonomianism operationism parachronism parkinsonism philistinism polydemonism postfeminism precisianism precisionism reductionism saltationism salvationism secessionism sectarianism sensationism situationism stercoranism strychninism traducianism unitarianism Unitarianism Victorianism

Words with 11 letters that end in 'nism'

adoptianism adoptionism agrarianism Americanism anachronism Anglicanism bohemianism creationism demonianism determinism diachronism divisionism ecofeminism eudaemonism eudaimonism Freudianism Hegelianism histrionism hooliganism illusionism infusionism inquilinism isochronism larrikinism libertinism Lutheranism mandarinism monoclinism neopaganism nonunionism northernism opportunism phenomenism plebeianism prochronism protagonism reactionism relationism religionism revisionism southernism suburbanism synchronism

Words with 10 letters that end in 'nism'

antagonism bourbonism brahmanism brahminism caffeinism chauvinism cinchonism diactinism doctrinism eudemonism femininism foreignism freeganism gombeenism griffinism heathenism hegemonism illuminism lesbianism maudlinism messianism monogenism morphinism nicotinism polygenism puritanism Puritanism reunionism ruffianism strychnism utopianism westernism

Words with 9 letters that end in 'nism'

aniconism brominism cocainism communism cretinism daltonism Darwinism diclinism draconism dragonism ecumenism epicenism epigonism euphonism exogenism fusionism galvanism gasconism heroinism hispanism hoydenism hyphenism Jansenism lichenism magianism mammonism mechanism modernism orphanism padronism pelmanism platonism Platonism plutonism rabbinism routinism saturnism shamanism tectonism terminism volcanism voltinism vulcanism vulpinism

Words with 8 letters that end in 'nism'

actinism albinism alienism alpinism Aryanism Byronism demonism ebionism eugenism feminism hedonism humanism laconism Leninism luminism melanism moronism organism paeanism paganism phrenism polonism satanism Satanism titanism tokenism undinism unionism urbanism veganism womanism

Words with 7 letters that end in 'nism'

clonism donnism lionism onanism peonism pianism plenism uranism Zionism

Words with 6 letters that end in 'nism'

bonism eonism monism nanism