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Words that End With Suffix OGY

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Words with 19 letters that end in 'ogy'


Words with 18 letters that end in 'ogy'

neuroendocrinology psychopharmacology

Words with 17 letters that end in 'ogy'

electrophysiology micropaleontology neuropharmacology paleoanthropology

Words with 16 letters that end in 'ogy'

dendrochronology ethnomethodology gastroenterology glottochronology hydrometeorology immunohematology micrometeorology paleoclimatology psychophysiology

Words with 15 letters that end in 'ogy'

anaesthesiology anthropobiology electrorheology ethnomusicology histophysiology immunopathology lepidopterology micromorphology microtechnology neurophysiology neuropsychology palaeoethnology palaeolimnology palaeopathology palaeophytology pathophysiology physiopathology psychopathology

Words with 14 letters that end in 'ogy'

anesthesiology antitechnology archaeozoology bioclimatology biometeorology characterology cytotechnology electrobiology histopathology macrosociology megatechnology metapsychology nanotechnology neurohypnology neuropathology neuroradiology orthopterology otolaryngology palaeethnology palaeopedology paleopathology parapsychology periodontology phytopathology phytosociology symptomatology terotechnology

Words with 13 letters that end in 'ogy'

accidentology actinobiology aerolithology archaezoology archeozoology biopsychology biotechnology chronobiology cosmeticology cryptozoology cytopathology diplomatology ecophysiology ecotoxicology endocrinology epizootiology genethlialogy geochronology geomorphology geotechnology helminthology neuroethology numismatology ophthalmology palaeobiology palaeoecology palaeontology palaeozoology phenomenology psychobiology roentgenology sedimentology splanchnology stoicheiology synchronology systematology thremmatology zoophysiology zoopsychology

Words with 12 letters that end in 'ogy'

anthropology astrobiology astrogeology bacteriology biocoenology chromatology dactyliology dialectology dysteleology ecclesiology epidemiology epiphytology epistemology ethnobiology geohydrology gnotobiology grammatology hamartiology hepaticology historiology hydrobiology hydrogeology kremlinology liturgiology microbiology mycotoxology neurobiology neurypnology onomasiology palaebiology paleobiology paleoecology paleontology paleozoology paradoxology parasitology paroemiology pathobiology pharmacology pharyngology photobiology photogeology placentology pneumatology protistology protozoology pyramidology radiobiology radioecology rheumatology rontgenology sociobiology stoechiology stoichiology symptomology thaumatology traumatology zoopathology zoophytology

Words with 11 letters that end in 'ogy'

aerobiology agrobiology agrostology amphibology arachnology archaeology Assyriology biocenology campanology carcinology climatology cosmetology criminology cryobiology dactylology dermatology diabolology dogmatology eccrinology electrology endemiology eschatology gerontology gigantology gnomonology graminology gynaecology haematology heresiology herpetology ichthyology insectology kinesiology laryngology lichenology malariology martyrology meteorology methodology myrmecology narratology neonatology odonatology olfactology onomatology orchidology ornithology pantheology perissology phraseology planetology primatology pteridology pyroballogy reflexology semasiology sindonology soteriology spectrology spelaeology sphagnology sphygmology stomatology suicidology symbolology synoecology syphilology terminology thanatology venereology vexillology victimology volcanology vulcanology

Words with 10 letters that end in 'ogy'

agnoiology angelology archeology aristology astacology autecology balneology bibliology bioecology brachylogy cardiology carphology choreology chronology codicology cohomology cometology conchology craniology cryptology deltiology demonology dendrology deontology disanalogy docimology edaphology Egyptology embryology emmenology entomology enzymology escapology exobiology futurology gastrology genecology geratology glaciology glossology glottology gnoseology gnosiology graphology gynecology hematology heortology hepatology heterology histiology immunology lexicology limacology malacology mineralogy missiology monadology morphology musicology mycetology nematology nephrology numerology oceanology odontology oneirology organology orismology oryctology palynology papyrology phaenology phlebology phrenology physiology ponerology potamology praxeology proctology psephology pseudology psychology pyretology satanology seismology selenology sematology semeiology somatology speleology spongology stereology stichology storiology synecology technology teratology thermology timbrology toxicology trichology trophology typhlology urbanology

Words with 9 letters that end in 'ogy'

acarology aetiology agriology andrology anemology angiology anthology archology astrology atheology audiology battology bumpology caliology carpology cartology chirology chorology coniology coprology cosmology diabology discology dittology dosiology erotology ethnology etymology euchology festilogy festology garbology gemmology genealogy gismology gizmology hagiology haplology heliology herbology hierology hippology histology hoplology hydrology hyetology hygrology hymnology hypnology ichnology iconology irenology iridology karyology koniology limnology lithology macrology mammalogy mereology metrology micrology muscology museology mystagogy mythology necrology nephology neurology nostology ophiology osteology paedology paleology palillogy pathology patrology pentalogy pestology petrology phenology philology phonology phycology phytology plutology poenology radiology rhinology sarcology scatology semiology sitiology sociology symbology tautology teleology tetralogy therology tribology tropology uranology urinology

Words with 8 letters that end in 'ogy'

aerology agrology algology antilogy apiology arcology areology atmology autology axiology batology bryology cacology cetology chaology codology cytology dekalogy demagogy demology dosology doxology ethology etiology fetology gemology homology horology idealogy ideology kidology menology misology mixology monology mycology nomology nosology oecology oenology oinology oncology ontology optology oreology ourology paralogy pedagogy pedology pelology penology podology pomology posology pyrology rheology serology sexology sinology sitology