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Words that End With Suffix TATED

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Words with 18 letters that end in 'tated'


Words with 14 letters that end in 'tated'

discapacitated dishabilitated interdigitated unpremeditated

Words with 13 letters that end in 'tated'

circumnutated counterstated disorientated incapacitated interpretated rehabilitated

Words with 12 letters that end in 'tated'

decrepitated fragmentated ingurgitated necessitated periclitated precipitated premeditated regurgitated reorientated resuscitated superfetated thermostated

Words with 11 letters that end in 'tated'

abirritated auscultated autorotated capacitated commentated debilitated decapitated delimitated dissertated egurgitated excogitated exorbitated expeditated facilitated felicitated habilitated infinitated nobilitated pernoctated photostated quantitated revegetated sedigitated sustentated unannotated understated unmeditated

Words with 10 letters that end in 'tated'

bidentated coarctated commutated connotated crepitated decantated degustated delectated dementated devastated flagitated gravitated humectated mussitated nictitated orientated overstated palpitated permutated redictated reinstated reluctated suscitated

Words with 9 letters that end in 'tated'

amputated annotated capitated cavitated cogitated constated corotated cristated crustated denotated digitated dubitated eructated hebetated hesitated irritated levitated meditated militated misstated oscitated outstated punctated sanitated spectated vegetated volitated

Words with 8 letters that end in 'tated'

acetated agitated costated dentated dictated evitated gestated guttated hastated imitated instated lactated nictated restated saltated unstated

Words with 7 letters that end in 'tated'

estated mutated notated nutated rotated

Words with 6 letters that end in 'tated'