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Words that End With Suffix AGES

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Words with 17 letters that end in 'ages'


Words with 15 letters that end in 'ages'

fibrocartilages stockbrokerages

Words with 14 letters that end in 'ages'

bacteriophages intermarriages overencourages protolanguages undercarriages underdrainages

Words with 13 letters that end in 'ages'

bertillonages circumambages counterimages disadvantages forecarriages intertillages metalanguages paralanguages patrilineages photomontages reassemblages

Words with 12 letters that end in 'ages'

beaumontages chaperonages cloisonnages concubinages decolletages d├ęcolletages haemorrhages hucksterages libertinages marivaudages megatonnages micromanages miscarriages mismarriages noncoverages nonlanguages ostreophages outmarriages overpackages overvoltages premarriages retroussages scaffoldages seigniorages squarsonages sublanguages telecottages vagabondages victuallages

Words with 11 letters that end in 'ages'

afterimages anecdotages assemblages baronetages brigandages camouflages cartonnages colportages culvertages deleverages discourages dragoonages effleurages enfleurages escamotages escheatages exploitages expressages fraughtages freightages garlandages gillravages harbourages hemorrhages husbandages impoundages inmarriages lighterages macrophages maquillages microimages microphages mispackages overdosages overmanages percentages permillages persiflages petrissages pilgrimages plunderages prepackages prestorages proctorages quarterages rapportages remarriages remortgages repoussages scaffolages seignorages soundstages surplusages telpherages vernissages victualages villainages villeinages

Words with 10 letters that end in 'ages'

accourages advantages ambassages anchorages appendages arbitrages archimages arrearages backstages bailliages barrelages bavardages beguinages bricolages brokerages butlerages careenages cartilages cartonages cellarages clientages coliphages commonages consulages cooperages cousinages curettages curtilages dacoitages decoupages demurrages disengages disparages downstages embassages empennages encourages engrenages entourages escortages espionages estoppages factorages flowerages forestages fortilages fosterages frontpages gabionages gallonages galravages gilravages greengages groundages harborages hermitages hospitages hypallages interpages knightages matronages mismanages orphanages ossifrages parentages parsonages pasturages patronages personages petrolages pilferages porterages pupillages recoinages repackages repassages repechages reportages saxifrages scrappages scrimmages scrippages scrummages secretages shrinkages shroffages siphonages skrimmages slanguages squireages streetages tamponages telferages treillages unbandages vassalages vellenages villanages villenages voisinages waiterages weightages xylophages

Words with 9 letters that end in 'ages'

accorages acierages adjutages agiotages alienages altarages amperages appanages badinages baronages berthages beverages birdcages blindages blockages brakeages brassages breakages brockages cabotages carriages carucages chantages chummages clearages cleavages cloudages comanages coverages cozenages creepages cribbages diallages disusages drainages dressages driftages enallages endamages ensilages envisages equipages ferriages floatages floorages footpages frautages frondages frontages frottages fruitages fuselages graftages grainages grammages grillages groupages guardages helotages heritages homepages langrages languages layerages leverages litreages malaxages maritages marriages messuages metayages meterages misusages mortgages mucilages nonimages offstages pilotages pinotages plantages plottages plussages poundages prophages pucelages pupilages redamages reengages roughages sabotages sewerages shortages slippages smallages spillages spoilages spousages squirages staffages stallages stealages stearages steerages sternages stillages stockages stoppages stravages strewages stumpages substages suffrages thirlages trackages truckages truquages tutelages tutorages umpirages underages vaultages vauntages verbiages vicarages vicinages wagonages waterages weighages wharfages wrappages wreckages

Words with 8 letters that end in 'ages'

abusages acreages ajutages amenages apanages arriages assuages asswages aulnages averages baggages bandages barrages beerages bondages boscages boskages brewages brocages brokages bulkages buoyages burgages cabbages carnages cartages centages coinages collages compages cordages corkages cornages corsages cottages courages cowhages cranages cuttages discages dockages drayages dunnages ecotages escuages etalages faldages fardages flotages flowages foggages foliages footages fromages fullages garbages guidages gunnages haulages haylages headages herbages hireages hostages keelages kippages lairages lastages leafages leakages lignages lineages linkages lockages luggages massages meltages messages mileages millages mintages mispages mockages montages moorages moulages outrages ouvrages overages packages pannages passages pawnages paysages peerages peonages pierages pillages pipeages plumages plusages pondages pontages portages postages pottages presages primages prisages propages quayages railages rampages reimages remuages restages ribcages riffages rootages rummages sackages salvages sausages scalages scavages scutages seepages selvages septages serfages signages sinkages soakages soccages soilages sondages spinages storages stowages sullages tallages tankages tannages teenages tentages thanages thenages tillages tollages tonnages trucages tunnages umbrages unitages upstages vantages vendages ventages viduages