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Words that End With Suffix ROUS

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Words with 18 letters that end in 'rous'


Words with 17 letters that end in 'rous'


Words with 15 letters that end in 'rous'

chromatophorous hydrosulphurous hypophosphorous margaritiferous myristicivorous strombuliferous tentaculiferous unfossiliferous

Words with 14 letters that end in 'rous'

basidiosporous conidiophorous corolliflorous diamantiferous diamondiferous disadventurous flagelliferous foraminiferous galactophorous glanduliferous hyposulphurous ichthyolatrous mastigophorous misadventurous rhynchophorous sacchariferous sanguinivorous siphonophorous stigmatiferous strepsipterous thysanopterous ultraglamorous

Words with 13 letters that end in 'rous'

aluminiferous ambidexterous antenniferous aphanipterous argentiferous argilliferous arthrosporous balsamiferous bibliolatrous brachypterous calcariferous carboniferous celluliferous chromophorous cobaltiferous coralliferous filibusterous fossiliferous garnetiferous globuliferous graminivorous granuliferous heteropterous heterosporous hymenopterous insectivorous lepidopterous mammaliferous manganiferous metalliferous nectariferous nectarivorous nickeliferous odontophorous ommatophorous ovoviviparous papilliferous petroliferous platiniferous plectopterous polleniferous polliniferous proterandrous quartziferous reptiliferous rhopalocerous semioviparous spinuliferous splendiferous staminiferous stoloniferous trichopterous tubuliflorous umbelliferous unadventurous

Words with 12 letters that end in 'rous'

ambidextrous amentiferous anemochorous bardolatrous brachycerous cantankerous cauliflorous chaetiferous chiropterous coleopterous conchiferous cupuliferous disaventrous discophorous dodecandrous doloriferous elytrigerous equinumerous flammiferous frondiferous fructiferous fructivorous glandiferous hagiolatrous heliolatrous heteromerous homoeomerous homoiomerous hypochlorous iconolatrous laticiferous litholatrous luminiferous macropterous micropterous microsporous misventurous moschiferous multiflorous necrophorous neuropterous noncancerous nonglamorous obstreperous ophiolatrous orthopterous overgenerous papuliferous petaliferous plecopterous plumbiferous precancerous preposterous pyritiferous radicivorous resiniferous salutiferous sanguiferous sanguivorous seleniferous semilustrous seminiferous siliciferous slaughterous soboliferous soporiferous sporophorous stanniferous stelliferous sudoriferous sudoriparous synantherous tetrapterous tetrasporous titaniferous tuberiferous unadventrous unchivalrous unprosperous viruliferous

Words with 11 letters that end in 'rous'

adiaphorous adipocerous adventurous anisomerous bacciferous baccivorous brachyurous bulbiferous calciferous calcigerous carnivorous celliferous cheliferous chyliferous chymiferous clavigerous cocciferous concolorous congenerous corniferous cornigerous crinigerous cruciferous culmiferous cupriferous dentigerous dorsiferous endosporous enneandrous eriophorous febriferous ferriferous fissiparous floriferous foetiparous frugiferous frugivorous furciferous gemmiferous gemmiparous glumiferous gonophorous granivorous guaniferous gummiferous guttiferous gypsiferous hemipterous heptamerous heptandrous herbivorous homeomerous homopterous homosporous hyponitrous icosandrous imponderous impostorous imposturous iteroparous lactiferous larviparous lethiferous lignivorous mammiferous manniferous melliferous mellivorous merdivorous metoestrous microporous monolatrous morbiferous mortiferous multiparous nulliparous odoriferous oligomerous ovuliferous ozoniferous pentamerous pentandrous pestiferous phosphorous piscivorous pleiomerous plumigerous polyandrous polyestrous primiparous proliferous protandrous pyrophorous scapigerous semelparous septiferous sepulchrous somniferous spiniferous spinigerous spiriferous splendorous styliferous tetramerous tetrandrous thuriferous thysanurous treacherous triquetrous tubiflorous umbriferous unglamorous unicolorous unslumbrous uriniferous uriniparous vermivorous yttriferous zinciferous zinkiferous

Words with 10 letters that end in 'rous'

adulterous allomerous anarthrous anoestrous aposporous aquiferous armigerous auriferous barratrous barretrous blusterous boisterous cadaverous ceriferous chivalrous chunderous clangorous colostrous coniferous cymiferous decamerous decandrous degenerous disastrous ephemerous exosporous facinorous fetiparous flatterous founderous fucivorous glamourous glanderous gynandrous hexamerous hexandrous idolatrous impostrous indecorous innumerous isopterous isosporous languorous laniferous lanigerous limivorous luciferous malodorous metestrous misandrous monandrous monestrous monocerous monomerous morigerous muciferous nonferrous nubiferous nuciferous nucivorous octamerous octandrous oleiferous omniferous omniparous omnivorous ossiferous ossivorous papaverous pellagrous penumbrous piliferous plunderous polymerous pomiferous poriferous porphyrous prosperous pupigerous pupiparous ranivorous roisterous rotiferous roysterous saliferous sebiferous setiferous setigerous sinistrous slanderous slumberous soniferous splendrous stertorous streperous sulphurous synandrous thunderous traitorous triandrous tripterous undesirous ungenerous unhumorous uniflorous viniferous vitiferous viviparous vociferous zoochorous zoolatrous zoosporous

Words with 9 letters that end in 'rous'

anandrous anestrous anhydrous apivorous barbarous blustrous cancerous cankerous cellarous chancrous cinderous clamorous coumarous craterous dangerous deiparous dexterous diandrous diestrous dipterous enhydrous fervorous flavorous froufrous fulgorous fulgurous furfurous gingerous glamorous goustrous harborous inodorous isomerous jasperous leaperous leaporous lecherous ludicrous lyomerous macrurous meandrous mercurous meteorous monstrous murderous murmurous nectarous nonparous nonporous odiferous oosporous oviferous ovigerous oviparous panderous perjurous pesterous podagrous ponderous pulverous rancorous rapturous revelrous rivalrous slumbrous sorcerous stuporous sulfurous susurrous tartarous tellurous tenebrous tetterous thundrous torturous tremorous trimerous uniparous venturous verdurous vulturous wonderous

Words with 8 letters that end in 'rous'

amberous anourous anserous apterous arborous asperous biparous butyrous canorous chlorous cribrous cumbrous dartrous decorous desirous dextrous dimerous dolorous elytrous